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Current Update

SINA update (29 Jan 2019)

SINA continues to add to the website new species, such as Oecanthus major, and to expand on already existing species as new information comes to light, such as Phaneroptera nana species 1 and species 2. The WAV files for the insect songs have been converted to MP3 and OGG files by Joe Gasper (University of Florida, Office of Information Technology) and all 3 formats are available on SINA, ensuring broad browser support. Sound bars (using the AUDIO tag) are being added to the species pages to allow songs to be played without leaving the page or having to open the audio file on your computer, thus allowing audio spectrograms and waveforms to remain visible while listening (compare the old version of Gryllus fultoni to the new version). Maps and images with low resolution are being resampled to make them clearer (compare the old and new versions of a distribution map for Gryllus multipulsator). Broken links are being fixed or removed and images that are too large or too small are being resized according to SINA’s standards. All updated and new files are written in HTML5, are formatted using cascading style sheets, and are being validated using the W3C Markup Validation Service at Nu Html Checker.