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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

     Hands on experience and mentoring are critical components of a good education. In addition, undergraduate research experience can be an important selection criterion for future employers and post-undergraduate training programs such as medical schools and graduate programs in the sciences. Our laboratory offers research experiences through both individualized coursework (4905) and paid positions. These experiences include training in techniques important to a range of fields including entomology, ecology and evolutionary biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicine.

Examples of Current Projects

  • Evolutionary ecology of life history plasticity in flesh flies; the importance of body size and nutrient storage to diapause survival and reproduction
  • Endocrine control of blood sugar and fat storage in flesh flies; implications for diabetes and obesity
  • Role of nutrient storage and diapause in sympatric speciation in the apple maggot
  • Role of stored fat and protein in  reproduction in the flesh fly; implications for human infertility

Contact Dr. Hahn (dahahn@ufl.edu) for more information about undergraduate research positions.





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